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Diagnostic test

Diagnostique de l'apnée du sommeil

Cardiopulmonary sleep polygraphy is a home test to determine the presence of obstructive sleep apnea.

Test Details

Home cardiopulmonary sleep polygraphy is a diagnostic test designed to evaluate breathing problems during sleep, such as obstructive sleep apnea. Here are the key points of this review:

Preparation and setup: The patient is given a polygraph set to use at home, usually including sensors and measuring devices.

Data recording: During the night, the device records various parameters such as breathing, heart rate, blood oxygen level, as well as chest and abdominal movements.

Analysis of results: After the examination, a specialist analyzes the collected data to determine whether the patient has sleep-disordered breathing and, if so, assesses their severity.

Comfort and practicality: This examination takes place in the comfort of the patient's home, thus offering a more representative assessment of their sleeping habits.

This examination is of crucial importance for an accurate diagnosis of sleep disorders and allows guidance towards appropriate treatment.


It is important to note that there may be delays of a few weeks before you can undergo the diagnostic test. However, once planned, the test itself is relatively brief, taking place over a single night.


The Somnos Sleep Clinic network offers you a free at-home sleep apnea screening test.

*Certain restrictions apply (first diagnosis of sleep apnea only, no screening for weight loss, OAM, ENT post-chx, AHI check).*


To benefit from the home cardiorespiratory sleep polygraphy test offered by Cliniques Somnos, the essential prerequisite is to have a prescription from your doctor.

CPAP treatment

CPAP treatment involves using a device that sends pressurized air to keep the airways open during sleep.

CPAP device details

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) treatment for sleep apnea is an effective therapy that uses a machine to provide a constant, controlled flow of air. This airflow keeps the airways open during sleep, preventing the breathing interruptions characteristic of sleep apnea. The patient wears a mask connected to the CPAP machine, which can be adjusted to ensure comfort and effectiveness. This treatment method is widely recognized for improving sleep quality, reducing the risk of health complications related to sleep apnea, and improving patients' overall quality of life.

Mask details

We offer a wide selection of comfortable masks designed to meet your specific needs. The mask will adjust to cover either your nose or your face, depending on your nighttime breathing pattern. Adjustable masks adapt to the shape of your face to promote natural breathing. Our team will be able to guide you towards the optimal mask depending on your situation.


At Somnos, our patients benefit from comprehensive respiratory therapy care. We provide attentive and personalized monitoring to guarantee your comfort and meet your specific needs. Our team of sleep specialists is constantly available to answer all your questions and offer you professional support throughout your care journey. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to offering you the best services to improve your quality of sleep.


CPAP treatment for sleep apnea requires the acquisition of a CPAP machine and mask, constituting a significant initial investment. However, at Somnos, we offer a range of devices to suit all budgets, ensuring that every patient can find an option to meet their financial needs. The lifespan of this equipment generally varies, but with proper maintenance it can last for several years.

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