les Cliniques Somnos - Traitement et diagnostique de l'apnée du sommeil
les Cliniques Somnos - Traitement et diagnostique de l'apnée du sommeil

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Les Cliniques Somnos is a company specializing in the application of testing and treatment of patients with sleep apnea.

Consultation médicale gratuite - Apnée du sommeil


Consultation médicale gratuite - Apnée du sommeil

Home test

Traitement CPAP de l'apnée du sommeil

CPAP treatment

From diagnosis to treatment, the Somnos team is there to guide you towards your well-being.

Sleep apnea

Symptoms, treatments, tests, news, learn more about sleep apnea.

Masque CPAP - Traitement apnée du sommeil

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Les Cliniques Somnos offers you a professional and reassuring experience. Our healthcare professionals are committed to providing you with personalized services and making your visits as pleasant as possible. From the moment we welcome you to one of our clinics, you will be treated with the utmost respect and care.


Financially and geographically, we have the best solution on the market.


We take the time to get to know you in order to offer you a solution adapted to your needs.


With Les Cliniques Somnos, there are no surprises.

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treatment process

1 - Consultation

The first step is a consultation with a healthcare professional. He will explain the equipment required for diagnosis and the testing process. You will receive this equipment to carry out the test comfortably at home.

2 - Home test

This test records all essential parameters during an entire night's sleep. Subsequently, a pulmonologist will analyze your data to establish whether you have sleep apnea.

3 - CPAP treatment

After analyzing the home test results, if a diagnosis of sleep apnea is made, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) treatment may be recommended. This treatment involves the use of a CPAP machine that provides a continuous flow of air to keep the airway open during sleep. The treatment is adjusted according to your specific needs to ensure restful and healthy sleep.

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